Our Certifications

Did you know some products are advertised as ‘organic’ but may still be full of pesticides or synthetic chemicals? Some companies label a product as ‘organic’ just because some of their ingredients come from the earth.

If you want to be sure your products are truly natural and organic then you should always look for an organic certification stamp on the packaging, just like these:

INIKA is certified organic by Australia’s Organic Food Chain. When you see this symbol on your INIKA box you can rest easy knowing the product contains a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients.

The OFC is one of the leading organic certification bodies in Australia and we are proud to be associated with them. When you see the OFC logo you can be assured the products have been produced in a responsible, ecological and harmonious way. No synthetic chemicals have been used, and crops have been grown using sustainable methods and products are GMO free.

INIKA’s Ultimate Lip Balm is made from organic ingredients and meets the strict manufacturing guidelines as specified by NSF.

Similar to NOP, the United State’s federal regulatory framework governing organic food, the NSF standard “contains organic ingredients” has specific requirements for organic ingredient, material, process and production specifications.

To become certified to NSF/ANSI 305, our Ultimate Lip Balm underwent a thorough review by an accredited organic certifying organization to verify our product formulation contains at least 70% organic content by weight. In the case of our Ultimate Lip Balm, our organic content weighs in at a massive 82%.

INIKA’s eye, brow and lip liners are made from organic ingredients. They all meet the strict manufacturing guidelines of Italy’s certifying body, CCPB srl.

In 1992 CCPB was the first Italian organisation to be recognized as compliant with USA’s National Organic Program (NOP). They are an independent body qualified to check organic compliance of Italian exports to the EU and beyond.

To receive a certification of “containing organic ingredients” the cosmetic must contain at least 70% (by weight) of ingredients from “organic agriculture” in order to be certified according to EC Reg. 834/2007.

INIKA is registered with the UK Vegan Society. We guarantee that INIKA products contain no animal derivatives.

Inika products are free of alcohol and vegan so they meet Halal requirements for cosmetic certification. INIKA is 100% Certified Halal with the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.

INIKA is 100% Certified Cruelty Free with Australia’s Choose Cruelty Free Organisation.

Organic Vegan Makeup Certifications